Award of Excellence 2018

Today I was awarded the Award of Excellence 2018 by the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Research for my Dissertation “Cooling and manipulating the ro-translational motion of dielectric particles in high vacuum”.

Research published in NJP


Our proposal on Orientational Quantum Revivals has been accepted as a fast-track communication in New Journal of Physics.
In this work, our collaborators in Duisburg have proposed a quantum experiment in which the interference of the superposed orientations of a freely falling nanorotor leads to revivals of the particle’s initial alignment. Realising this experiment will enable quantum enhanced torque sensing and tests of objective collapse models in the rotational degrees of freedom.

B. A. Stickler, B. Papendell, S. Kuhn, B. Schrinski, J. Millen, M. Arndt, and K. Hornberger, Orientational quantum revivals of nanoscale rotors, NJP, accepted manuscript

Research published in APL


Together with our collaboration partners from the Technical University of Vienna we have realised open-access silicon microcavities. Their low mode-volume has allowed us to detect 300 nm silica nanoparticles via their strong coupling to the cavity field. This work has been published as an Editor’s pick in Applied Physics Letters:

S. Kuhn, G. Wachter, F.-F. Wieser, J. Millen, M. Schneider, J. Schalko, U. Schmid, M. Trupke, and M. Arndt, Nanoparticle detection in an open-access silicon microcavity, Applied Physics Letters 111, 253107 (2017).

Research published in Nature Communications


We have realised ultra-stable rotations of a silicon nanorod by locking its motion to an electronic clock. This work has been published in Nature Communications:

S. Kuhn, B. A. Stickler, A. Kosloff, F. Patolsky, K. Hornberger, M. Arndt, J. Millen, Optically driven ultra-stable nanomechanical rotor, Nat. Commun. 8, 1670 (2017)

Our findings have also been picked up by several news-outlets, e.g. by the Austrian newspaper Der Standard: “Physiker konstruieren hochpräzise Uhr mit schwebenden Nano-Zeigern” and Nano-watch has steady hands.